If You Do These 5 Things At The Airport, You Are Doing It Wrong

November 30, 2017

I am always traveling because of being a professional soccer player, so believe me when I say I have some tricks when it comes to airports. It doesn't matter if you are flying for a weekend beach trip or to a foreign country, each of these 5 points apply to you! Instead of wasting time and money, learn these 5 things NOT to do at the airport! Hope you enjoy!



1. Buying Your Flight with a Non-Rewards Credit Card


It is imperative that you use your credit card to the fullest! I use a Capital One Venture One credit card that I earn unlimited 1.25 miles per dollar on every purchase. With this credit card, you can build up your rewards with everyday purchases! Check out some credit credits that suit your lifestyle and start building up your points to travel for less! This is one of the easiest ways to build up points that you can use towards your next trip!


2. Buying Water & Food


It blows my mind that people buy water when you can bring your OWN water bottle! Think of it like this…a Dasani bottle of water is 99 cents at your local gas station. That  same Dasani bottle of water is at least $4 at the airport. Airports are known to up their prices of everything behind security because they “ship in small quantities.” Erroneous on all accounts! Bring your own water bottle, keep your $4, and spend it on something worth the money.

Now, let’s talk about food! Airports skyrocket the prices of food at the airport because THEY CAN! Everyone needs and wants food, but you can save major dollars by just planning ahead. Try going to your local grocery store before your flight to get snacks and/or meals to bring onto your flight. As long as there are no liquids (soups, shakes, etc.), you will be fine walking through security. Save some big bucks and eat healthier this way by simply planning ahead!


3. Paying for Parking


Depending on how long you travel will affect what you do with your car. This might seem like common sense, but many people throw away hundreds of dollars to have their car sit at the airport. If you didn’t know, the airports all have different parking garages around each terminal. The closer the parking garage, the more expensive the daily parking price. Makes sense, doesn’t it.

Instead of wasting money on this, I recommend one of three options: The first is to have a friend drive you to the airport. No one likes doing it, but it’s easy and free. The second is to call an Uber. Again, easy and can be cheaper depending on proximity to the airport. The third option is to find a parking garage that is the cheapest per day. I have found one that is under $8 a day. These specific parking lots can be owned by the airport or they can be local businesses around the area. Do your research and make sure you are spending money the way you want to!


4. Checking Luggage


If you are taking a trip for 7-10 days, I would recommend only traveling with a carry-on bag. Most airlines allow you to have one personal item (purse or backpack) and a carry-on. Use this to your advantage! Many airlines charge you $25-50 a bag to check it! Why not cut this cost out and pack smarter!


5. TSA PreCheck


Unless you are a business person who travels daily, you do not need TSA PreCheck. All you need to do is arrive at the airport in plenty of time for your flight. For some this might be a struggle, however; you can save $85-100 without buying the TSA PreCheck. No hassle, just go early to the airport! Again, for some this might be a crazy thought! Most people don’t give themselves enough time at the airport, which leads to anxiety and frustration. Eliminate all of these emotions and paying for a service that you can simply do by showing up a half an hour early!




Share this and comment below on how you save some extra dollars at the airport!

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